“Our living space is restricted to the Earth, and in the near future we’re not going to have any other. 

Our world is becoming ever more globalised, and I am a part of that too. I ask myself whether we shouldn’t use the opportunity provided by globalisation to increase the quality and the value of our regions – which would also mean showing respect. 

How we deal with our resources today, and the amount that we produce and throw away, can be seen at its most susceptible in matters of food. We consume a great, uniform mass of foodstuffs without any respect. There will always be progress – but the nature of it will depend on the ethics of our actions. The more developed world urgently needs a more developed set of ethics.  


This is why I have incorporated this topic in my sculpture GLOBO UOVO. With this, I take a place at the table of ethics, so that I might provide food for thought”.